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Balovog – Times & Seasons ( Prod By Yobiggs)

Balovog – Times & Seasons ( Prod By Yobiggs)

Times and Season is a song inspired by God. This song came from the holy spirit as a source of encouragement to the body of Christ that better days are ahead. The sun shines when it needs to shine, the rain drops when it needs to drop, the moon comes when the night is near. Though this period has lock many down there is hope that things will get better it’s just a matter of timing.

*Ecclesiastes 3 vs 1 says “There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven.”*

God has created every activity in time, a time to wait, a time to run, a time slow down and a time to fly.
If your life is as if is slow be at rest your time of rising is coming.

Download and listen to this powerful song inspired by the holy spirit through is servant Balovog.


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